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Established in İstanbul in 2016, Ada Veterinary Polyclinic provides consultancy in oncology and hematology with staff specialized in cancer research.

Cancer treatment is tailored specifically for each patient considering their overall health and the condition of the cancer. Patient’s symptoms are examined along with all the treatment options and diagnostic tools such as comprehensive laboratory tests, xray, ultrasound, digital xray, computed tomography (CT), MRI and (PET) scans are used. Specialized surgeries are performed with success with modern equipment with the advantage of closed circuit anesthesia.

Ada Veterinary Clinic was founded in İstanbul, Levent, in 2006. The founders are veterinaries Özlem Calp Egeden and Evrim Egeden who transformed the establishment into every day open polyclinic soon after its establishment. The name comes from their Bull Terrier, Ada.

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